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Vehicle Interior cleaning specialists

Stuarts Carpet & Car Care are members of CarCleanseUk a network of independent highly trained professionals who deal specifically with the removal of spillages, odours and the deep cleansing of vehicle interiors. We offer our services to the motor trade, private businesses and general public.

What makes CarCleanseUK different?

We carry out a multi-stage cleaning process to guarantee better results and shorter drying times. Odours can occur from accidental spillages, pets or cigarette smoke, and we are trained to locate the source of the odour and eliminate it not mask it. We use a unique and totally safe eco-friendly cleaning product which will not only deep clean but deodorise and sanitise the carpets fabrics and hard surfaces in your vehicle making it not only clean in appearance but 100% hygienically clean.


We specialise in the removal of:

Milk spillages and odours
Tea/Coffee Spillages
Cigarette odour
Pet odours
Food odours
Bacteria / Mould / Viruses
Soiling & Stains

Our unique product will:

Deep clean
Kill viruses
Kill bacteria


We hygienically clean everything from top to bottom:

 Sun visors
Grab handles
 Seat belts
Door pillars
 Complete boot area
 Seats Fabric/Leather
 Door panels
 Centre console
 Instrument panel
Air vents
 Carpets & Floor mats
 Air conditioning unit

We specialise in odour removal
If you have ever spilt milk in the interior of your vehicle you will know it can really smell, certain liquids can also encourage the build-up of bacteria The chances are, regular valeting centres will only mask the odour but we get to the source of the problem and kill the bacteria causing the odour. We can also remove odours from food, other milk based drinks, vomit, urine, cigarettes  and pets

We can clean part or the entire vehicle interior!
Our service is very popular with those who have just purchased a second hand vehicle and want all traces of the previous owner removed to ensure a hygienically clean interior for their family.



My son has been sick on the back seat of my car, and the smell is now awful?
Yes, we can deep clean the affected area and let our product break down the bacteria and the odour, leaving your car smelling fresh and your seat hygienically clean
How long will my seats take to dry?
With our professional equipment and cleaning techniques we can have your seats dry in 2 hours.
Does your product have an odour as I do not like anything scented?
No, our product does not contain any odour and after cleaning your vehicle will have a hygienically clean fresh smell.
How much do you charge for odour removal?
We charge an hourly rate and the price depends on a variety of factors. The more information you can supply us with will help us to give you an estimate for the work you would like completed.
I have had my carpets protected in my home do you offer this service in vehicles?
Yes, I can protect both the carpets and fabrics in your vehicle but you need to let the protector cure for approximately 7 hours before you use your vehicle.
I have part leather seats ,can they be cleaned?
Yes, we have suitable cleaning solutions specifically designed to clean and protect leather.

What Next?

For more information on my vehicle interior cleaning services, free advice or for an estimate for the work you would like completed please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you!