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What are the benefits of having my carpets cleaned?

Apart from making your home warm decorative and help to deaden sound they also act as a filter to trap and hold dust, pollens, allergens, pet hairs, fibres, soils and bacteria. Have you ever noticed how much collects on a wooden floor over the course of a day? Regular vacuuming will go some way to remove some of this but periodically carpets need a deep clean. This will significantly improve the Indoor Air Quality we breathe which has been proven to help allergy sufferers and those with respiratory conditions as well as improving your carpets appearance and extending its life.

How often should I have my carpets and upholstery cleaned?
Independent research recommends that the carpets and upholstery in our homes and workplace are professionally cleaned every 12-18 months
Do You Move Furniture?

Yes, I am happy to move furniture although I do ask customers to remove delicate and valuable items

My son suffers with asthma are your products safe?

All my products are safe and I can certainly use a suitable eco- friendly product which is allergy free should it be requested

Will my carpets become dirty more quickly after cleaning?

This can happen and is usually associated with the use of DIY machines and in appropriate chemistry, but the chemicals today are very advanced and this should not occur.

Can you remove a spot/ stain on my carpet?
Firstly there is a difference between the two.  A spot is something which has added substance to the carpet for example grease, chewing gum, mud and, sugars and is fairly straight forward to remove. A stain is something which has added colour to the carpet for example red wine, tea and coffee, fruit juices and food colourings and is more difficult to remove as a secondary dye has been introduced to the carpet and can involve using advanced spotting techniques. The pre-treatment of any household spot removers may affect the removal setting the spot.
How long will my carpets take to dry?
This can depend on many factors including fibre type, soiling levels, ventilation and outside humidity. Although carpets will be touch dry and over shoes are provided so you can walk on your carpets immediately they should be fully dry in 2-8 hrs.
Are you insured and trained?

I am fully insured and trained through the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) and I am an accredited member of Trustmark (Government Endorsed Standards) Training is on- going to  maintain standards within the industry and keep up to date with new products coming onto the marketplace.